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square-tool-wrench7Tool Register (Store)

Menu: Maintenance | Tool Register...

The Tool Manager application is build around the tool register.  All the tools are recorded and identified in a tool register.  The register record all relevant tool information including calibration requirements if any.  Tools are also divided into user definable types to assist with the management of tools and simplify tool selection or filtering.

Tools can further form part of a tool group.  A tool group is a group or set of tools that are normally issued together as a group.  This allows easier issuing of for example tool boxes etc.

tool20The definition of tools can be extended to incorporate manuals and other library related documents and procedure.

A complete tool history and current tool location can be recovered from the tool register.

Issue and Return

Menu: Tool Movement | Record...

Tools are issued from the store and returned to from the store as users actually move the tools.  Tools can be issued to a person, a job, for calibration or other locations (such as an away job).  All these locations are user configurable to ensure it is tailored to each end user.  Tools issued for calibration will on return reset the calibration date and flag the tool for the next calibration event.  This enables a full calibration history to be available for each individual tool that might require calibration.


Various report options allow full traceability of tools.  It is always possible to get online reports of tools issued to a person or job.  Similarly tools can be traced when out for calibration or that might be on loan to another company or client.


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