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Technical Specification


The computer requirements are basic and most configurations will be suitable for installation of the application to act as a station.  It is recommended that at least Windows XP or later operating system is used with 1MB or more memory.  One machine on the network must be a server where the data base is installed on a SQL Server 2008 Express or better.  All operations can be transacted from a normal keyboard and mouse, but functionality is build into the program to use bar code readers or other more sophisticated scanner to simplify the issue and return of tools from and to the store.

sql-server-2008SQL Server

To ensure maximum reliability and security of the data, development was done around a SQL server data base application.  Microsoft SQL server 2008 express is the minimum requirement.  If a SQL server is not already available on the user network, this system can freely be downloaded from Microsoft.  The system requirements of Tool Manager is such that the free Express edition will be sufficient for all the requirements.


If there is a requirement to share the data on a network, a standard 100 MB gives sufficient performance levels.  Under specific conditions users can access the server over a broadband connect, but this is not recommended is performance is slow and only sufficient for inquiries and not recommended for use on an active station.

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