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Program Structure

square-gear8Security access

Various security levels were designed into the program to assist management to restrict access to the various program elements as required by different users.  All tool movements are recorded against the name of the person taking responsibility of the tool as well as the person recording the  issuing or return of the tool.


The program is designed for a default operation, but users are able to extend the options to match their requirements or to disable sections of the program not used.


 Primary tool issued locations can be any of the following:

  1. Personnel
    • Menu: Maintenance | Personnel...
  2. Jobs
    • Menu: Maintenance | Job Listing...
  3. Calibration authority
    • Menu: Maintenance | Calibration Authority...
  4. Other location
    • Menu: Maintenance | Other Location...

All the above can be edited or modified by the end user.  Existing users of our Aircraft Maintenance Software (AMS) can integrate the Tool Manager program to use the AMS job and personnel data base.  These destinations can be disabled if not required.

Tool Type

Menu: Maintenance | Tool types...

Tools can be linked to various tool types as defined in the data base.  Tool types are used to filter tools but also to define the calibration period.  When the calibration check box is checked on the tool type window, the period will be transferred to all tools grouped to the selected type.  This will also be the case if the period is changed with the calibration box checked.  Note that changing the type calibration period will therefore reset all the calibration expire dates of tools grouped under the selected type.

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