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Program Installation

square-discStation installation

Installation on an individual station is largely automated and simple.  Assistance of IT staff will only be required if specific security settings prevent installation of programs on a computer.  A program ToolSetup.exe will perform all the installation steps and set registry settings.  After installation, users will require a SQL password and the IP address of the SQL server to connect for the first time to the server.

Server installation

Each installation will require at least one machine with a SQL server 2008 Express or better installed.  This installation must be completed before the first program can be installed.  For more information on installing a SQL server, there are a number of references freely available on the internet.

msdn_logoOnce the SQL server is installed the install program ToolSetup.exe will install the empty data files required.  When the program is executed for the first time, the server user will have to connect to the SQL server from where the program will do all the required steps to attach the data files to the SQL server.  See the FAQ section for more information.

For evaluation purposes, users can select to connect to our online SQL server, this will allow for evaluating the program with live test data, without the need to install the SQL server for evaluation purposes.

Installation instructions web site. Click here


Upgrading of the executable as well as the SQL file structures and procedures are done online from the Tool Manager program, by downloading files from the FTP server and install these as explained in the detail explanation in the FAQ section.  Individual stations can each download the latest program and report templates or this can be installed from a central location on the network.

Installation directories

The program is installed on each computer in specific default locations.  Experienced users can change these settings as they might require.  Most of the settings can be altered from inside the program.  The default directories are:

  • Program executable:
    • Vista and later OS: c:\Program Files (x86)\ToolMan\
    • Earlier OS: c:\Program Files\ToolMan\
  • Support files and report templates
    • Vista and later OS: c:\ProgramData\Avdata\ToolMan\
    • Earlier OS: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avdata\Toolman\
  • On the server installation, data files
    • Vista and later OS: c:\ProgramData\Avdata\SQL\
    • Earlier OS: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avdata\SQL\
  • Install directory:
    • This directory used for installation is recorded and future updates and installations will be done form this directory.  This is valuable in a multiuser environment where the install directory can be a shared network directory.  If this is the case only one download is required per site, all users can then use the shared installation executable.
  • Experienced users can find the definition for these paths in the registry under: HKCU\Software\Avdata\Toolman


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