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square-myspaceUser options

Menu: System | Configuration...

Program users can enable or disable any one of the following parameters:

  1. Access Control - If enabled each user can be assigned a specific access level as required for the task performed by this person. This will prevent or reduce accidental editing of sensitive information.
  2. Personnel - It is recommended that this option is used as a minimum  requirement to identify who takes responsibility for a tool issued to any of the possible destinations. 
  3. Jobs - This option is enabled by default and allows users to issue tools to one of the open jobs in the job list. Tools issued to a job can be issued to a specific person for use on the job.
  4. Calibration - If enabled tools can be issued to a calibration authority for calibration.  When the tool is returned, it is possible to record the calibration date, certificate reference as well as the internal order used to calibrate the tool.
  5. Other destination - If enabled users can issue tools to predefined destinations.  Destinations can typically include loan tools to other persons and companies or tools removed for work on a remote site.

Tool scanning

Various optional are available to users to ensure the tool movement is done as accurate and quickly as possible.  These varies from barcode systems to magnetic and other more sophisticated tagging options.  Integration of most of these scanners is available as an option.


Config_SysTool Manager is sold under a license arrangement, payable on monthly or annual subscriptions.  The license is a site license and a unlimited number of stations can use the site license.  License can be renewed on expiry by connecting to the online registration centre and downloading of the the latest softkey linked to your site.


The screen lay-out shows a typical configuration interface to the program, program updates can be downloaded online to the user network.


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